Welcome to the
Digital WOSB Alliance!

We are a collection of leaders working to create more opportunities for women-owned, women-led small businesses to deliver digital services for the government.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women-owned, women-led digital services organizations through community, advocacy and education and the quality delivery of digital services for the government.

Become a Member

Applications are closed for 2024 and will reopen Q1 2025. Your organization must meet the following criteria to apply for membership:

  • Woman-owned, woman-led
  • SBA certified WOSB
  • Current work or evidence to support pursuit of digital services by relevant NAICS Codes, including but not limited to: 54151S, 541613, 541690, 541430, 541511, 541512, 541519, 518210, 541990, 541330

Our Members

We are experienced human-centered designers, user researchers, software engineers, product managers, security professionals, content authors, and business professionals. Our members are small businesses with female owners, leaders, and CEOs who are actively engaged in every aspect of the business.

Our 2024 Board of Directors


Jessica Morris

CEO, Pluribus Digital

Vice President

Johanna Yi

CEO, For People


Melissa Britton

CEO, Bracari


Kia Rorie

CEO, KSQUARED Technology Consulting

Relations Co-Chair

Sara Ansari

COO, A1M Solutions

Relations Co-Chair

Carol Lowman (Mims)

President, L2NL

Governance &
Memberships Chair

Redi Haile

CEO, RigelOne Tech

Marketing &
Partnerships Chair

Halai Shukran

VP of Talent & Culture,
Pluribus Digital